The automotive and transportation industries are changing at an unprecedented pace.



    Mobitas advises strategics and early/mid-stage companies
    in the mobility space on how to win in this new era.

  • Why Mobitas?

    Mobitas provides clients with a broad range of services in strategy, product, fundraising, regulatory compliance, operations, and partnerships.

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    Early & Mid-Stage Mobility Startups

    • Strategic and operational guidance
    • Introductions to partners and customers
    • Fundraising
    • Regulatory & compliance guidance
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    • Future of mobility strategy

    • Operating new technologies at scale

    • Partnerships with startups to scale innovation

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    • Consulting and due diligence for private equity and venture capital firms
    • Co-invest in startups via investment syndicates 
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    Mobitas advises early-stage companies disrupting the mobility and automotive sectors.

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    4mativ is a technology platform and a set of managed services that eliminate inefficiencies for schools in working with their transportation vendors. 4mativ helps schools select the right mix of vendors, drive efficiency for vendors through better routing, create transparency on billing and operations, and communicate with families. 4mativ have proven to save schools 40% on transportation costs.




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    Axilion specializes in software solutions for the traffic engineering field with focus on priority to public transportation and multiple junction coordination. Axilion’s leading product is the TransEm D3 software suite, enabling rapid implementation of traffic signal priority in cities. Once implemented, transit riders instantly experience smoother travel with more green waves, resulting in up to 40% reduced commute time and substantial reduction of carbon emissions.


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    Optibus is a SaaS platform leveraging the powers of machine-learning and optimization algorithms to redefine the way mass-transportation is planned and operated. Optibus powers complex public transit operations in over 300 cities around the world, planning and scheduling the movement of vehicles and drivers to improve the quality and reliability of transit service and make operations more efficient.

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    Rubicon Global

    Rubicon is a software company that provides smart waste and recycling solutions for businesses and governments worldwide.

    Using technology to drive environmental innovation, the company helps turn businesses into more sustainable enterprises, and neighborhoods into greener and smarter places to live and work. Rubicon’s mission is to end waste, in all of its forms, by helping its partners find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals.



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    Next Gear Ventures

    Next Gear Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund that invests in the most promising entrepreneurs developing game changing ideas for the future of mobility. Next Gear leverages its experience and close relationships with local and global automotive partners to advise the portfolio companies. With less than one year on the road, NextGear Ventures has a promising investment record. Several portfolio companies have already completed follow-on investment rounds, and one, Exo Technologies, was recently acquired by Lear Corporation.

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    Early Light Ventures

    Early Light Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm providing funding for early stage SaaS companies. Investments include Pype (acquired by Autodesk), LaneHub (acquired by Transplace), Appsulate (acquired by Zscaler).

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    Vanpooling is a cost-effective, convenient, and sustainable mode of commuting, but is highly underutilized due to the logistical challenges of starting and joining a vanpool.

    MagicBus makes it simple to book seats on vanpools that take commuters to work. Whether commuters want to ride once, join full time, or start their own vanpool, MagicBus makes it easy and real-time.


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    Ecolane provide an intelligent and modern, web-based transit and paratransit transportation scheduling software. Combining a powerful, easy-to-use demand-response platform with powerful and customizable reporting capabilities, Ecolane software enables transit providers to increase productivity, streamline efficiency, and grow rider satisfaction.


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    Udelv was founded on the thesis that delivery will be the first full-scale application of a safe autonomous driving technology. Udelv is the first feature-complete, public-road autonomous delivery vehicle, bringing forth a dramatic decrease in the cost of deliveries and delivery flexibility. In January 2018, Udelv successfully accomplished the first autonomous delivery made on public roads. Since then, Udelv has completed hundreds of deliveries for multiple clients and leading the way to re-invent delivery and shaping the future of an autonomous last- and middle-mile delivery experience.

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    RoadBotics provides a software platform to help cities improve the expensive pavement inspection process. With a smartphone attached to a dash mount in a vehicle, RoadBotics' proprietary app can capture the view of the road ahead. The data is automatically uploaded to the AI-driven cloud platform for analysis. The video and the smartphone’s other sensor capabilities allow RoadBotics to precisely calculate a wide variety of vital and established roadway metrics.

    Roadbotics serve over 200 governments in the US and many more around the world.

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    Roundtrip provides on-demand medical transportation for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and health plans.

    Roundtrip schedules, dispatches, and monitors non-emergency transportation for organizations and rider at systems including Mount Sinai, Cooper University Health System, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Crozer-Keystone Health System, and government transit programs of Richmond and Henrico Counties, VA.


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    DERQ created a unified view of all road users and predict their movement 24/7, leveraging inputs from existing infrastructure and existing or easily deployable cameras and other sensors.

    The real-time analytics platform feeds a live dashboard available to road owners and operators and sends alerts to connected (incl. autonomous) vehicles and infrastructure through a patented V2X technology. The technology helps predict and prevent car accidents.



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    Zego is a global insurer specializing in flexible insurance for new mobility and fleet service providers, offering customized policies to gig economy workers and partnering with companies such as Uber and Deliveroo. The company also provides a wide range of flexible B2B insurance products for fleet businesses and new mobility services such as car sharing, car leasing, food delivery, private hire drivers, and e-scooter platforms.



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    In emerging markets, informal transport (jitneys, tuk tuks, mini-buses) transport up to 80% of the population, but these routes are not shown on any formal apps.
    WhereIsMyTransport maps these routes using local teams and new technology to make the invisible visible. By getting the right information to the right people at the right time, WhereIsMyTransport makes public transport more accessible, more predictable, easier to navigate, and safer to use for everyone, everywhere.

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    Ottopia's vision is to provide the first automotive-grade teleoperation platform. Ottopia's proprietary platform enables humans to control any type of vehicle remotely, in a manner that is both safe and cyber-secure. Ottopia is the only teleoperation company that researches, develops, tests and provides all critical technologies to make a safe, automotive-grade, product. Key use cases include shipping & logistics, construction, mining, and agriculture.



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    Cabin is the first hospitality transportation company on a mission to make the most of every waking and sleeping moment. Cabin addresses America's "500 mile problem," in which regional travel up to 500 miles from home requires sacrificing an entire day. By consolidating both transportation and accommodation into one simple and delightful experience, Cabin’s one-of-a-kind moving hotel experience enables people to travel without travel time.


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    Cargo Systems Inc.

    Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn more money through installing a cartop display. Drivers earn cash from the advertisements, regardless of whether they’re taking rideshare trips.



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    Jeenie is a mobile platform that connects users needing translators to a video or audio call with a live interpreter for on-demand language assistance 24/7. Jeenie’s gig-economy model ensures that customers can access our community of virtual interpreters with the press of a button, in less than a minute and directly from their mobile device.


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    Yogov helps improve and increase access to government services for hundreds of thousands of people. From solving the DMV pain points to improving the process of passports, visas, and trusted traveler programs, down to paying for city parking tickets and business licenses, YoGov's mission is to be a consumer’s new relationship broker with government services. Yogov is currently available in 40+ cities in 20+ states.




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    Enroute allows riders of ride hailing or mass transit to shop from an Enroute commerce platform directly integrated into the ride hailing and mass transit app.
    Riders earn credits for every purchase made and can receive a free ride after earning credits.



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    Flexday turns downtime in restaurants into coworking space that is saner than working from home, more productive than a coffee shop, and cheaper than other co-working spaces.





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    Valerann's Smart Road System is an AI web-based traffic management platform that produces real-time, high-resolution information about everything that takes place on the road. Valerann integrates wireless sensors into roads, and the system continuously provides insights and predictions including danger recognition, instant accident prevention, optimal traffic flow adjustments, and autonomous cars guidance and support.


    Our Partners

    Automotive | Transportation | Venture Capital

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    Transdev is a global mobility operator integrator, serving 11 million passenger trips every day with efficient, easy-to-use, and environmentally-friendly transportation services that connect people and communities. Transdev North America is the largest private-sector operator of multiple modes of transit in North America.





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    DRIVE TLV is a unique innovation hub focused on smart mobility solutions. DRIVE creates collaborations between handpicked startups and corporate partners that has led to win-win commercial agreements. FastLane is DRIVE's commercialization program that offers mobility startups the opportunity to go-to-market fast with close access to leading corporate partners.





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    Orfeo partners provides advisory services in travel, tourism, transportation, and smart mobility. Orfeo is found and led by Michel Taride, former Group President of Hertz International with 38 years of experience, who was responsible for all of its wholly-owned and franchise operations in 150 countries across all continents outside of North America.

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    Early Light Ventures is a seed stage venture capital firm providing funding for early stage SaaS companies. Early Light Ventures supports first-time founders with “need-to-have” (net positive churn and shorter sales cycles) B2B software products that have seen the opportunities in their industry firsthand. Investments include Pype (acquired by Autodesk), LaneHub (acquired by Transplace), Appsulate (acquired by Zscaler).

  • Team

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    Mark Joseph


    As the CEO and founder of Mobitas Advisors and board member or advisor to a significant number of fast-growing startups, Mark Joseph is an entrepreneur and business executive whose strategic approach and management capabilities have helped shape companies into leading local, regional, national and global forces. 


    Mark has over 30 years of leadership experience in public and private transportation across the U.S., Canada, UK and Ireland, and South America. He recently served as the global Chief Commercial Officer for the Transdev Group, a leading private provider of transportation services in countries, including bus, commuter rail, streetcar, light rail, paratransit, taxi, shuttle, and black car. Through more than 15 years in various leadership roles at Transdev North America, he grew the business from $50 million to $1.5 billion in annual revenue. Operations in North America include over 200 contracts with cities, transit authorities, airports, universities, and more, including in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta, Long Island (NY), Montreal and Greater Toronto.


    Mark has strong relationships across the U.S. with local and national political and transportation leaders, as well as labor and community leaders. Mark also has global relationships based on his experience as Global Head of Development for 20 countries and as an investor and advisor in international funds and businesses.

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    Isabelle Ji

    Consulting Partner

    Isabelle Ji is a consultant specializing on the future of mobility, advising and working with Mobitas' portfolio companies on customer development, go-to-market strategy, and operations strategy.


    Isabelle is the VP of Strategy and Operations at MagicBus, a Mobitas portfolio company and Y-Combinator graduate, where her team practices the lean-startup methodology to achieve product-market-fit. Isabelle also has 7+ years of experience in Uber's micromobility (electric bikes & scooters) business driving unit economics improvements and Accenture's Internet of Things practice in US and China, where she led delivery, business development, and product development initiatives in intelligent + connected infrastructure.


    Isabelle has an MBA from The Wharton School and a B.S. in environmental engineering and M.S. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.

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    Dick Alexander

    Consulting Partner

    Dick is an Advisor to transit organizations, mobility start-up companies and investors focused on the mobility space. Prior to starting his firm, Mobility360, after retiring from Transdev, Dick served as Special Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Transdev. CEO of Transdev US, President of Transdev Alternative Services providing autonomous vehicle operational services to Waymo and led business growth activities for Transdev expanding the company annual revenues from $40m to over $1.1 billion dollars annually. During his 40+ year career, he has held leadership positions in both public and private sector organizations ranging from operations to executive management.

    Dick has a Bachelor of Urban Planning and Design degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University.

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    Ron Hartman

    Consulting Partner

    Ron Hartman is a consulting partner with Mobitas Advisors, offering advisory services based on his 35 years of experience in operations, infrastructure development, strategic planning, business development, and marketing in a public transportation and railroad environment.


    He has just completed nearly five years leading Network Rail Consulting in North America, the international consulting arm of the British railway. Starting as the first employee, during that time he built a team of more than 45 professional staff, performing infrastructure and related work on most of North America’s largest rail networks. Hartman joined NRC from Transdev North America, where he was CEO of the rail division since 2008, leading that firm’s contract regional/commuter rail operations, as well as Transdev’s rail infrastructure maintenance and construction subsidiary.


    Ron began his career with the American Public Transportation Association, working in policy, legislation, and technical support before becoming Deputy and then General Manager at Maryland’s Mass Transit Administration. He went on to serve as Senior Vice President for Planning and Development at Amtrak before joining Transdev as Executive Vice President-Mid Atlantic, Senior Vice President, and then CEO of the Rail Division. He is currently an adjunct faculty member in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Georgetown University, and he leads and serves on the executive committee of several boards in the Baltimore-Washington region.

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    Steve Ross


    Steve has over 35 years of senior management experience, ranging from some of the world’s largest information technology businesses to early-stage software companies.


    From 2013 to 2020, Steve was CEO of Ecolane, a Helsinki-based company providing disruptive, specialized software and support services for on-demand transportation, paratransit, and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. Under his direction, Ecolane grew at a 38% CAGR and was acquired by National Express, generating 500% returns for Ecolane’s investors. Prior to joining Ecolane, Steve was the Managing Director at MTN Capital Partners, a New York-based Private Equity firm focused on Middle Market businesses and he was a Board member for several global enterprises. Previously, Steve was the CEO of National Investment Managers until its sale to a Private Equity firm in 2011, and served as Chairman and CEO of DynTek where he grew the company from $5 million to $100 million in revenue. Prior, Steve was General Manager of the Computer System Division of Toshiba America with overall responsibility for Toshiba’s $3 billion computer business in the US and South America. Steve has also held senior management positions at Inacom, Intelligent Electronics, Dell, and PTXI/Bull HN Information Systems.

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    Eran Sandhaus

    Consulting Partner

    Eran Sandhaus is an advisor and board member to leading corporations and startups in the fields of autonomous driving, connected services, and smart mobility. Eran also serves as an Executive in Residence at Plug and Play Technology Center and member in J-Angles, a silicon valley based angel investing group, mentoring startups and helping them raise funds.


    Most recently, he led Delphi Automotive’s Autonomous Driving and Connected Services business unit, collaborating with leading OEMs, transport operators, suppliers, and governments such as BMW, Mobileye, Intel, Transdev and Lyft among others. Prior to Delphi, Eran was a senior executive for over 20 years in Fortune 500 companies including Qualcomm, Cypress, Texas Instruments and Marvell.

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    Tal Cohen

    Consulting Partner

    Dr. Tal Cohen Ph.D, serves as Founder and Managing Partner at Next Gear Ventures. Dr. Cohen serves as President of ClickFox Inc. He is Founding Partner at Drive. Dr. Cohen co-founded ClickFox Inc. in 2000. Prior to creating ClickFox, Dr. Cohen helped organizations such as General Motors, the U.S. Air Force, and Boeing achieve better business results through creative modeling solutions. He has also authored multiple publications on data modeling and numerical methods. Dr. Cohen is a data modeling expert and a leading research faculty member and educator at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


    Tal has B.Sc in Engineering from Tel-Aviv University, M.Sc in computer science and Ph.D in Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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